Our mission as a company is to power energy independence, and we achieve this mission when we conduct ourselves ethically and transparently. To that end, we condemn all human rights abuses and the use of forced labor in the Xinjiang region and anywhere else in the world, and we stand committed to ensuring that all our vendors engage in ethical sourcing. We require transparency in our supply chain, and we work closely with our vendors to ensure they satisfy our vendor code of conduct." - John Berger, CEO of Sunnova

As a matter of ethical business practices and sourcing, Sunnova requires each company on its Approved Vendor List (“AVL”) to:

  • certify that they (and their suppliers) practice ethical sourcing;
  • certify that they do not engage in human rights abuses in the sourcing and manufacture of the products they sell to Sunnova; and
  • certify that they do not use labor or goods from Xinjiang in their supply chain.

Sunnova will also continue to engage its vendors in discussions and to review available data regarding forced labor in the Xinjiang region to ensure that its supply chain is free from human rights abuses.

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Sunnova to Open Adaptive Technology Center, Leading the Way in Integrated Energy Services and Enhancing the Customer Experience

January 11, 2024

Sunnova Energy International Inc. (“Sunnova”) (NYSE: NOVA), an industry-leading adaptive energy services company, is pleased to announce the upcoming opening of the Sunnova Adaptive Technology Center (ATC) in Q1 2024. This announcement underscores Sunnova’s steadfast commitment to delivering an exceptional customer experience and reinforces the distinctiveness of the Sunnova Adaptive Home™, Sunnova Adaptive Business™, and Sunnova Adaptive Community™ service offerings.

The ATC will comprise state-of-the-art energy testing and integration technologies, including a microgrid system powered by a grid simulator and a solar array simulator, with the ability to replicate various grid and solar array conditions. The ATC will also feature interchangeable inverter and battery test beds, and a fully-functioning model home equipped with full-sized appliances, including a range, oven, refrigerator and HVAC system. This comprehensive setup will enable Sunnova engineering teams to perform system level validation to seamlessly integrate disparate technologies for reliable operation during various grid, solar and home conditions for optimal performance of the system. The ATC will also empower our service technicians to perform troubleshooting of field issues in a controlled environment to quickly resolve customer issues.

The announcement comes just two months after the completed expansion of Sunnova’s Global Command Center (GCC) with cutting-edge technologies, analytics, and tailored solutions, all geared toward enhancing the customer service experience. Like the GCC expansion, the ATC is a testament to Sunnova’s dedication to bringing customers and dealers greater functionality, quality, and service.

"We've always been committed to ensuring high standards of quality and service excellence for our customers," said William J. (John) Berger, Chief Executive Officer at Sunnova. "With the ATC, both our customers and dealers can trust that they are partnering with a company that has an unwavering focus on innovative technologies, integrated energy solutions, quality control, and service excellence."

Customer support and field service teams at the GCC will be able to coordinate with the ATC to replicate and troubleshoot a wide range of customer system issues, from power grid surges and outages to weather events, leading to faster issue resolution for customers. Engineering teams will also be able to test features of the Sunnova Adaptive Home™, a technology offering for customers to integrate solar use, battery storage, and energy control and management technologies that adjust to externalities such as weather, grid health and utility rates.

“This new facility is aptly named the ‘Adaptive’ Technology Center,” said Michael Grasso, Executive Vice President and Chief Revenue Officer at Sunnova. “The ATC won’t be a static configuration, but a responsive, flexible arrangement that will effectively pull together top, industry-leading technologies to deliver customized energy solutions to our customers. It’s a tremendous effort to qualify hardware and integrate all the technologies we work with – but doing all of this ensures the services reaching our customers are top of the line.”

In addition, the ATC will allow the company to continue developing its customer-facing experiences, like the Sunnova App, as well as its proprietary Sunnova Sentient™ technology platform that optimizes energy management, enhances reliability and resiliency, provides demand response and grid support while providing additional revenue streams and greater energy independence for its network of customers.

With an extensive customer base of 386,000 solar and battery storage customers, the establishment of the ATC is yet another testament to Sunnova's unwavering commitment to providing unparalleled service and leading the charge in the realm of clean energy services.

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Sunnova Energy International Inc. (NYSE: NOVA) is an industry-leading adaptive energy services company focused on making clean energy more accessible, reliable, and affordable for homeowners and businesses. Through its adaptive energy platform, Sunnova provides a better energy service at a better price to deliver its mission of powering energy independence. For more information, visit http://www.sunnova.comTM.

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