Our mission as a company is to power energy independence, and we achieve this mission when we conduct ourselves ethically and transparently. To that end, we condemn all human rights abuses and the use of forced labor in the Xinjiang region and anywhere else in the world, and we stand committed to ensuring that all our vendors engage in ethical sourcing. We require transparency in our supply chain, and we work closely with our vendors to ensure they satisfy our vendor code of conduct." - John Berger, CEO of Sunnova

As a matter of ethical business practices and sourcing, Sunnova requires each company on its Approved Vendor List (“AVL”) to:

  • certify that they (and their suppliers) practice ethical sourcing;
  • certify that they do not engage in human rights abuses in the sourcing and manufacture of the products they sell to Sunnova; and
  • certify that they do not use labor or goods from Xinjiang in their supply chain.

Sunnova will also continue to engage its vendors in discussions and to review available data regarding forced labor in the Xinjiang region to ensure that its supply chain is free from human rights abuses.

Person Details

Meghan Nutting, Executive Vice President, Government and Regulatory Affairs

Mrs. Nutting has served as Sunnova’s Executive Vice President, Government and Regulatory Affairs since May 2021, prior to which she served as Executive Vice President, Policy and Communications from April 2018 to May 2021, and as Vice President, Policy and Government Affairs from May 2015 to April 2018. Since 2014, Mrs. Nutting has also served as the Founder and President of Altitude Strategies Consulting, a consulting agency for both for-profit companies and non-profit organizations on energy-related policy issues. Mrs. Nutting previously served as the Director of Policy and Electric Markets at SolarCity Corporation, a publicly traded provider of solar energy services, from 2009 to 2014. Mrs. Nutting has also served in various legislative, policy and management positions in both the public and private sectors. Mrs. Nutting received her Master of Public Affairs degree from Princeton University and her Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology from Cornell University.