Our mission as a company is to power energy independence, and we achieve this mission when we conduct ourselves ethically and transparently. To that end, we condemn all human rights abuses and the use of forced labor in the Xinjiang region and anywhere else in the world, and we stand committed to ensuring that all our vendors engage in ethical sourcing. We require transparency in our supply chain, and we work closely with our vendors to ensure they satisfy our vendor code of conduct." - John Berger, CEO of Sunnova

As a matter of ethical business practices and sourcing, Sunnova requires each company on its Approved Vendor List (“AVL”) to:

  • certify that they (and their suppliers) practice ethical sourcing;
  • certify that they do not engage in human rights abuses in the sourcing and manufacture of the products they sell to Sunnova; and
  • certify that they do not use labor or goods from Xinjiang in their supply chain.

Sunnova will also continue to engage its vendors in discussions and to review available data regarding forced labor in the Xinjiang region to ensure that its supply chain is free from human rights abuses.


Under the direction of our Founder and Chief Executive Officer and the Board of Directors, we strive to use our business as a powerful force for good—sustainable, environmental and social good—to change the way people energize their lives and help transform the world for the better.
View our 2020 ESG Report

Green Financing Framework

“Sustainability is not only a core value at Sunnova, but a top priority. From driving innovation in residential solar and storage services to inspiring positive social change in our communities, we are committed to sustainable business practices and well-positioned to advance corporate social responsibility within the solar industry.”

John Berger, Founder and CEO

We recognize the growing importance of environmental, social and governance (ESG) matters across our value chain. Recognizing this is a journey, we are committed to continuously improving our approach to each of these areas.

Core Values

At Sunnova, our core values are at the heart of everything we do. They serve as guiding principles that every employee and business we work with are expected to live by and exemplify on a daily basis.
We believe in providing a better energy service.
We are a technology-enabled energy services provider who delivers with quality and steadfast dedication in the communities we serve.
We believe in achieving more by working together.
We are focused on collectively advancing Sunnova and the energy industry through collaboration, integrity, respect and long-term trusted relationships.
We believe in doing well by doing good.
We provide the world with cleaner, renewable and more reliable energy by focusing on responsible growth, energy resiliency and innovation to create lasting value.

Environmental Stewardship

We believe that sustainability is the foundation of a better tomorrow.
We provide the world with cleaner, renewable and more reliable energy by focusing on responsible growth, energy resiliency and innovation to create lasting value.

Driven by technological change, consumer choice and the demand for sustainable energy, we are witnessing a profound paradigm shift to cleaner, cheaper and more reliable energy solutions. Within a rapidly shifting energy landscape, Sunnova is a lead architect for what the new energy ecosystem will be for the 21st century consumer. This transformation is here—today—and Sunnova is powering a clean, affordable and reliable energy reality.

KwH of Clean Energy Produced
2.4 Billion
KwH of clean energy
Metric Tons of Carbon Avoided
1.7 Million
Metric Tons of Carbon Avoided
As of 12/31/2020
At Sunnova, we help our customers take control of their energy by offering a better energy service at a better price, all while making a positive impact on the environment. Over their lifetime, our solar systems will help generate nearly 24.7 billion kWh of clean energy, or the equivalent of carbon sequestered from:

E-Waste Policy

End-of-life management is important for all PV system technologies to ensure clean energy solutions are a sustainable component of the low-carbon economy for future generations. In accordance with our E-Waste Policy, we are prepared to sustainably dispose of modules, batteries, inverters, and other electronic equipment used in installations through partnerships with third-party recycling and refurbishment vendors. These vendors are compliant under the Responsible Recyclers R2:2013, OHSAS 1800:2007, and ISO 14001:2007 standards. You can learn more about the industry’s approach to lifecycle considerations from the Solar Industry Energy Association (SEIA).


Social Responsibility

We seek to inspire positive social change.

Headquartered in Houston, Texas, the most diverse city in the United States, we are focused on empowering and supporting our employees, customers, and communities. As a business, we strive to instill a culture of continuous improvement and innovation and are always seeking ways in which we can further inspire positive social change across our value chain and create a more diverse and inclusive future.

Our Workforce


At Sunnova, we believe we can achieve more by working together; our diverse workforce anchors an inclusive and innovative culture, a foundation for our long-term growth. We provide an environment where everyone can be themselves — and everyone can feel valued for the skills and results that they bring and know that they will be treated fairly without discrimination. Our people focus on thinking beyond traditional limits — and to do that, we need the creativity and energy of every person.

“Sunnova values diversity in employees regarding demographics and the different backgrounds and experiences each employee brings.”
Jennifer Yan, Data Analytics and Reporting Manager, Sunnova
“Having a woman mentor [at Sunnova] for me has been vital. They provide guidance and encouragement, and really display the strength of being a woman in management.”
Elizabeth Akinkugbe, Project Team Manager for Construction Operations, Sunnova
We are committed to fostering an organizational culture of diversity and inclusion. In 2020, we proudly launched our inaugural Sunnova Diversity Day, where each year our employees will each be granted an additional paid day off to observe diversity on a day of their choosing. Our Diversity Day is meant to allow every individual on our team to reflect on the significance of diversity and inclusion and make a personal commitment to making change for a better tomorrow.
“While we reflect on our past, we must also be determined to achieve a brighter tomorrow. While this is only one small step, we believe it is a step in the right direction. Now, more than ever, it’s important for us to find moments of respect and inclusion as a team and as a community.”
Stuart Allen, Executive Vice President, Human Resources

We are committed to the health and wellbeing of our employees.

In support of our employees, Sunnova provides a comprehensive total rewards package to all full-time employees (regularly working 30 hours or more per week), including medical, dental, vision, short-term and long-term disability insurance, complimentary access to the onsite fitness center, paid parental leave, and 401(k) retirement plan, with a company match feature.

Our Employee Assistance Program provides free access to services including mental health counseling, parenting support, caregiving/elder care, legal advice, financial well-being educational seminars, disability services and more. We also offer several wellness initiatives, which include yoga sessions, weekly fruit deliveries, lunch and learn sessions on health/fitness topics, programs offered under our medical plan provider and health screenings, including flu vaccinations.

We realize that continuous engagement with our employees is vital to driving successful, meaningful outcomes. Members of our executive team conduct regularly scheduled “Town Hall” style meetings (now held virtually) with employees to address topics such as business operations, strategy, and market conditions as well as answer employee questions. This helps to foster an environment and corporate culture of open dialogue and collaboration. Performance reviews are conducted at least annually, during which employees and managers address goals, development opportunities, strengths and weaknesses. We believe these initiatives facilitate both strong and productive conversations across our organization and an open feedback culture. We perform employee engagement surveys biannually to gauge employee attitudes on the company, their work, our progress and more. Feedback from these surveys provides a basis for the development of action plans for continued improvement.

To learn more about our corporate culture and core values, please visit our Careers page.

Careers Page
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We are committed to safe and healthy work environments and work practices.

We are committed to safe and healthy work environments and work practices for all employees, contingent staff, dealers, customers and the public at large. Our objective is for all employees and dealers to be free of injury and illnesses brought about by incidents that are costly and preventable. It is our goal that every person goes home each day free from accidents and injuries. To meet this objective, we are committed to:

  • Developing, implementing and maintaining an accident, injury and illness prevention program
  • Complying with all applicable federal, state and local government environmental, health and safety requirements
  • Providing training to our employees, so they have the awareness, knowledge and skills to work in a safe and environmentally responsible manner
  • Continuously improving our safety and health programs, policies, procedures and trainings
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We strive to be a good corporate citizen for our community.

We support charitable organizations that promote education and social well-being and we encourage our employees to contribute to organizations that are meaningful to them. We believe that our dedication to being a responsible corporate citizen has a direct and positive impact on the communities in which we operate. For example, Sunnova has made charitable donations to VoteSolar, WRISE, The Solar Foundation, and IREC. In Houston, we have been active with a number of community efforts, including volunteering and contributing to support the Houston Area Women’s Center, Child Advocates, Dress for Success, and other community-focused groups.

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We are improving the lives of our customers in a sustainably and socially responsible manner.

Our goal is to be the leading provider of clean, affordable and reliable energy for consumers. We were founded to deliver customers a better energy service at a better price; and, through our solar and solar plus energy storage service offerings, we are disrupting the traditional energy landscape and the way the 21st century customer generates and consumes electricity.

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Customer Testimonial
“At first, we had no power after the hurricane. With the battery, we kept our house powered for three months until [the utility] fixed the grid…Even now, the power still goes out—the grid goes down. And with this battery, you see, I have electricity.”
Israel Nieves, Sunnova Customer, Manatí, Puerto Rico
Video Testimonials
Sunnova Testimonials - David Jacobs in Connecticut
Video Testimonials
Sunnova Testimonials - Jessica Champeau in Austin, TX | Home Solar

Membership & Affiliations

Greentown Houston
California Solar
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Greentown Labs – Houston
Founding Member

Scheduled to open in spring 2021, Greentown Houston will serve as an on-the-ground catalyst for the energy transition in Houston—aiming to bring together civic and business leaders, entrepreneurs, students and other stakeholders who have already begun the transition as well as raise awareness of the opportunity for those who have yet to engage.

"As a leading residential solar and storage service provider headquartered in Houston, Sunnova is proud to be a founding member of Greentown Labs Houston as our city looks to help pioneer the new energy paradigm. Houston is a city rich with diversity, talent and energy innovation, and we look forward to helping our city become the new energy capital of the world.”
John Berger, Chief Executive Officer
Renewable Energy Alliance – Houston
Visionary Member

The evolving energy transition is changing the status quo in the energy industry. Houston is poised to lead this transition, growing into the Energy Capital of the Future by connecting, attracting and growing the businesses and workforce needed in the transition. The Renewable Energy Alliance-Houston was founded to enable and support this growth. Sunnova is proud to be a Visionary Member of the Renewable Energy Alliance – Houston and support its mission to ensure Houston’s standing as the Energy Capital of the future.


Corporate Governance

We lead with integrity.
We are committed to fostering a culture of integrity, performance and ethical business practices.

At Sunnova, we are committed to conducting our business in an ethical and responsible manner as overseen by our Board of Directors and executive management and governed by our ethics and compliance policies and programs. Our Code of Conduct, for example, describes the driving entrepreneurial spirit on which Sunnova was built and the ethical standards by which we conduct business. These ethical standards are rooted in the Company’s core values and will drive us to achieve our mission. We expect all of our business partners, including Dealers and Vendors, to follow the laws and regulations where they operate and to share our value and commitment with respect to ethics, sustainability, environmental stewardship, health and safety, human rights and labor issues.

The Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee of our Board of Directors is formally responsible for overseeing Sunnova’s environmental, social and governance (ESG) practices and procedures, and related risks and opportunities.

Governance Page

Dealer Code of Conduct

Sunnova and its sales and installation Dealers share the goal of ethical, compliant sales and high-quality solar system installations, which will enable all customers to enjoy the experience of going solar. Dealers are expected to comply with their agreement with Sunnova and with all applicable laws and regulations. In addition to those laws, Sunnova’s Dealer Code of Conduct explains many of the basic rules and expectations, including among other topics bribery, corruption, conflicts of interest, competition and sales practices, human rights, and environmental, health and safety matters, that apply to how Sunnova conducts business, and serves as a resource to help ensure that Dealer’s actions are representative of our shared expectations and values.

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Consumer Protection

Accountability, trust and service are the bedrock of our business. These principles are what have allowed us to grow from a tiny start-up to a significant solar service provider serving thousands of homeowners. It is why we have advocated for consumer protection legislation to prevent predatory sales practices in the solar business. Our Dealer Code of Conduct establishes clear policies and expectations of our Dealers with respect to marketing and sales practices and compliance designed to safeguard customer rights.

For more information, please visit Sunnova’s Governance page.

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2. The Amazon’s 390 billion individual trees absorb 2 billion tons of CO2 a year. Source: https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2019/08/28/amazon-rain-forest-what-would-earth-like-without-it/2130430001/. Source: https://wwf.panda.org/discover/knowledge_hub/where_we_work/amazon/about_the_amazon/.

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